About myself

I’m a software guy by profession and have worked in the finance industry for several years. Most notably several years at a dutch HFT firm. Ever since I was young I have been obsessed by the markets. From an early age on I wanted to become rich and I saw owning a company as the best way to achieve that goal. But why have just one company if you can have multiple? That triggered my interest in the stock market. I saw stocks moving around all day long and figured if there was way to buy low and sell high you could make fortune. So my journey began to discover what makes a stock go up or down. I’ve done it all: from trading on gut feeling to fundamental and the most esoteric of technical analysis. You name it and I have a few stories to tell about it. Interestingly, I did no better using trading on gut feeling than by any of the other approaches.

That’s not to say I didn’t discover a few things. In this blog I want to share a few of these discoveries, discuss new ideas and hope to attract readers that are fun to discuss with.

Basically I still hope to discover one day a method that can predict the direction of a stock, future or what have you with reasonable probability. For now I don’t have such methods, but I do have means to lower the risk involved in trading. I also employ some tricks to increase profitability. That might sound like a contradiction, but I hope from my writings it will become clear what I mean.

Of course I also hold some opinions on how our world is shaped and managed and will occasionally post about this.